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This handy little American River Choke Free Dog Harness, is one of the newest designs of our Doggie Design soft dog harnesses. It's a great Harness that's safe for your dog's trachea and so easy to use. It only pulls from the chest area and not the neck. All you have to do is have your dog step in, then wrap up, and go. These harnesses make the Trachea Safe. They have a Choke Free Design which Pulls from the Chest ONLY. They also have a shape fit seam technology which causes the harness to conform to your dog's chest curve. There is a 3 inch closure slide adjust ability on these harnesses which allows for 3 Inches of Size Adjustment. They have a double D-Ring which adds to the strength of these harnesses. They have the same color trim binding as the mesh and a safe night walking reflective strip on these harnesses. They also have a zig zag trim binding stitch which prevents missed stitches and creates a Super Strong BOND. This harness has the perfect design so that you can use them as a Seat Belt Harness, because it pulls from the chest, not the neck. They also have Double Safety Closure- Velcro and High Strength Plastic Side Release Buckle. So EASY. Just Step in, Wrap Up and Go. They are made with a Soft Mesh Polyester which is Machine Washable and Line Dry and comes in 8 gorgeous Colors - Red, Honeysuckle Pink, Black, Royal Blue, Beige, Paisley Purple, Apple Green and Cobalt Blue.

The size chart is as follows:

Chest: 9"-11"

Chest: 11"-13"

Chest: 13"-16"

Chest: 16"-19"

Chest: 19"-21"

Chest: 21"-24"

Chest: 24"-27"

Chest: 27"-30

Chest: 30"-33"

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American River Ultra Choke Cobalt Blue

American River Ultra Choke Cobalt Blue