I ordered a pink crystal bling dog collar. The help I received over the phone, along with the courtesy was excellent. My little girl "Mia"looks great in her new collar. I will tell everyone to order products here. enclosed a picture of Mia in her new collar. 

Linda M.

"We ordered The Joan collar with matching leash for our Boston, Paisley. We will be attending the annual PAWS Chicago Fur Ball in November and we are able to take our Princess Paisely to the event! We are making sure she is ready for the Ball! Ann Myers was a joy to work with - she really pays attention to detail to ensure you are receiving the product and accessories to make your purchase perfect! She really knows what great customer service is all about! The collar is stunning and we can't wait for Princess Paisely to wear it at the Fur Ball!!



I decided one day that I needed some classy looking collars for my dogs so I started looking on the internet. I went through numerous sites trying to find something really nice looking that was not too expensive. I have three dogs that I perform with on the Superdog International team and wanted to get all matching collars and leashes without breaking myself. I came upon this site and loved the looks of the collars. I ordered three black velvet collars with two rows of rhinestones. I also ordered three black leashes to complete the look. When my collars arrived they were two rows rhinestone, but were leather instead of black velvet. I immediately emailed Ann and she said she would look into it. She remembered my order and knew that it should have been black velvet. She contacted the supplier and I ended up getting my three black velvet collars with no charge at all for the collars or the shipping. I was totally surprised at this, but also very happy. I also got to keep the ones that were sent in error. There are numerous internet sites out there that once the sale is done they are through with you. Ann wasted no time in getting my order corrected and making sure that I was completely satisfied with my purchase. I live in Canada so to know that someone in the States will go out of her way to take care of an out of country client shows how much customer service is important to her. I now feel that anything I buy on this site will be up to my expectations, or I know I will be taken care of if it isn't.  Dona Robbins

Violet is a new member of my household and being the only girl, I felt like she needed a little bling. I hunted through many online sources and found that FourPawsDogCollars had the best selection of fun collars to choose from with reasonable prices. They were extremely accommodating and helped me choose just the right custom collar for my dog. Their customer service is unsurpassed and very much appreciated. Violet now sparkles on the outside as much as she does on the inside!Sincerely,Lisa and Violet in Roseville, CA

I got my dog collar today. Of course it is a 100% perfect fit - a snug fit with plenty of extra holes and room exactly like you told me. Honestly I have never seen anything like this dog collar before anywhere and I visit a lot of pet shops and this collar is out of their league. It is so much different than the normal common dog collar, it is just so stunning and pretty and so very well made. The pictures do not really tell how nice these custom collars really are until you see them and hold them. It is definitely not too heavy for my little dog, it is just a bit heavier than the common dog store collars. I could not be any happier, and my little dog was smiling! It was worth every penny and then some, and worth our extra effort. Thanks again Ann. CEH

I  just wanted to let you know that I received my order today, and it looks even better than in the picture! Thank you for delivering a product of such great quality. It was definitely worth the wait. I look forward to being a repeat customer. 

-Ben Tucker

I really appreciated all your help when I had questions on my order.  I also thank you for following up so quickly with my questions, as well as sending me the tracking information.  I will tell anyone to  to check your site for future dog items.  It is always good to know when an internet site is dependable.

Thanks Again!
Sharon Schwartz

Foxy is an American Pit Bull Terrier rescued from a neighbor who was going to take her to the pound – certain death for this breed of dog due to their undeserved bad press.  I will be fostering her until we can find her a forever home without a cat since she does not get along with them and I have one.  It will be extremely hard to let her go.  Her former owners kept her  in a back yard full of old cars and junk and gave her almost no attention –no playing, no walks,  no baths or even  visits to the vet for shots- just food put out the back door once a day.  Her only entertainment was getting large rocks up the wooden stairs (quite a feat) and then rolling them down again.  I was able to watch her do this and to say hello to her from my back yard across the alley.  She would wag her tail and jump up and down to see me from the landing.  She is a wonderful , loving, friendly and well mannered dog who has had a rough life and I wanted her to have something really nice.  I have never been able to find a quality fancy collar for my own dogs (a very big standard poodle and a Maltese) and was thrilled when I happened upon Ann’s site.   Foxy is a big strong girl and I am delighted that this gorgeous collar is also extremely well made.  It has a backing of tough nylon and the stitching on the buckle and D ring makes me trust it as a primary collar.  Now that I have found these wonderful collars I will certainly be getting them for all my pets.  Thank you Ann for your excellent personal service too!!  
Barbara in Long Beach, CA


I have to let you know how pleased I am with the collar and leash for Niko.  The Topaz Splendor with the matching leash is outstanding in looks and quality.  Everywhere I take my little Greyhound, everyone loves it and wants to know where I purchased it.

I also recently received the two cat collars for my daughter – they are both beautiful – she will love them.

Thank you, Jeanne Cunningham

Ann, I just received my collar and me and Crazy Girl LOVE IT!!!!  It fit her perfect and the quality is great! I will defiantly order From you again, your service was awesome and delivery was super fast Thank you again Cindy Indio, CA

Dear Ann,
Here's a picture of Diamond's collar. She's an American Staffordshire Terrior and only 10 months old. She has on the "Diamond Radiance" collar under the custom made rhinestone collar category. Thank you for helping her shine more like a "Diamond." 
Best Regards,  Ella


Olivia is a Doberman-Pointer mix. She looks absolutely gorgeous in her “Pretty as a Princess” collar. She receives so many compliments! Thanks again for all of your personal assistance in helping me select the collar. It fits her perfectly and we are really happy with the product. Feel free to share the photos of Olivia. --Kalei

I do canine freestyle with my dogs. I bought these to perform in. These collars ROCK. I have recommended them to other freestylers, too. They are my little secret. Everyone loves how they look, and we get lots of ooh's and ahh's with them. They are extremely well made and absolutely beautiful.
Amy P.

Hi Ann,
I just wanted to say thank you for the gorgeous collars!  The puppies look so beautiful!
I also want to commend you on the excellent customer service.  Its so rare today to get such personalized courteous service before and after the sale.
I hope to buy many more products from Four Paws Dog Collars, especially your Custom made rhinestone collars.
Many thanks,
Sarita Chavez

PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF www.SchnauzerBabies.com

I live in Toronto, Canada and you'd think I'd be able to find a sturdy yet economical collar in this big city.  I searched many stores, both big box and boutiques, but was unable to find what I was looking for. I'd had a leather collar and while walking my energetic puppy on a busy main street, it snapped in half! I did not want to go through that again so I was on the search for a very strong leather collar with character.  I found Four Paws Dog Collars online and was intrigued with the variety and low prices.  I had many questions for Ann and she answered every one in a timely fashion. Delivery was fast and we were thrilled with the collar when it arrived.  Our standard schnauzer looks quite dapper with his new collar. The collar is so sturdy and so well made. I've seen collars that aren't as nice as the one we purchased in Toronto for 3 times the price.  We are so happy with our purchase. Should we need another collar in the future (and I can't imagine that since this one looks like it will last a long time), we will definitely contact Four Paws Dog Collars again.

Lynda Carty 
Toronto, Ontario Canada

We finally got a chance to take some photos to send to you of the collar and leash.  I'm sure you know how busy it can get with wedding planning. We love them and they look so great, thank you for all your fine work. Please find attached some photos, we hope you can use them. Thank you so much for adding to our special day.
Karin & Matthew

Hi Ann,

Thank you for all your help with my order.  The collar arrived today in time for the dog show tomorrow.  IT IS OVER THE TOP BEAUTIFUL!!!!  We put it on Gina and she looks so like a princess.  The stonework is so nicely done - you are right when you say it is like a piece of jewelry for your dog.  I'm actually going to take your website info with me tomorrow because I'm sure there will be many people who will admire her for her presentation with her new collar.  I'm so happy I found you and look forward to many years of shopping with you.  ...and it will be again and again.  

Sandy and Gina Alestra


I received yesterday the wonderiful collar and leash for my lovely dog and it's even more beautiful than I expected!!

For sure I will order you other pieces: thanks again for your help! I send you 2 pictures of my little dog with his very nice piece of jewelry.

Best regards
Paris, France

Wow, I can't say enough about the excellent service I received from Four Paws Dog Collars and the choices of so many beautiful collars.  I am thrilled to no end to have found this company and to have had the opportunity to do business with Ann Myers-Baxter.  It was a pleasurable experience - the return was hassle free, no frustration - very helpful in selecting the proper size.
I highly recommend Four Paws Dog Collars for all your pets collars - your pets will look great and will love you for it.  Just look at my Chloe - her picture speaks for itself.
Greenwood, SC

Ann:  I was looking for dog collars.  I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and have looked in numerous places such as Niagara Falls, Toronto, and Hamilton for collars like you have on your web site and have not been able to find anything that even comes close to the collars that you have.  The pictures don't do them justice.  They are beautiful beyond words.  AWESOME!!!!!   When I saw yours I bought three.  Then I got them and was awe struck because they are so beautiful.  I couldn't help myself.  I had to turn around and buy four more and I am sure that I will be buying more for my cat.  He is an awesome cat and deserves awesome apparel.  I have a whole closet full of things for him and yours are the most beautiful of all.  I will be buying more.  And, the other thing I want to make sure that people know is how great the customer service was.  You spent a long time on the phone with me trying to help me get the right size for my cat and get the collars just like I want them.  You did this the first time I called you and then again when I called the second time for the newest collars.  It is so hard to get good customer service anymore and yours was excellent.  I couldn't ask for anymore with the products or the customer service.  You & your products are A-1 in my books and I will recommend you anytime I get the chance.  Keep up the good work.  Grace F.  Hamilton, OntarioCanada

Ann -- Thank you so much for the tremendous help you gave me. I cannot believe you were able to get me such a beautiful custom rhinestone collar in less than one week. The expedite service was worth it and our "Precious" girl was the belle of the ball! Two young men (two black standard poodles) had their eye on her all night. It was great to "meet" you over the phone and you were tremendously helpful with selecting the perfect collar and matching leash. I felt like I had known you forever. I look forward to my next purchase from your wonderful selections and plan to buy some as gifts for family friends too!

Deb and Precious

Brookline, MA

Hello Ann -- I just received the collar and leash.  My husband and I both were very pleased with it.  I've attached a picture of Ginger and her new Bling Bling.  I tried taking it off and she goes ballistic.  She is a typical girl and likes to show off.  Joann- Trenton Georgia.

Hello,   Ilsa loves her collar. She wears it for trips out shopping. She is constantly getting complements on it when we go out.

Attached is a pic of her getting ready to go to the mall. And the other is a close up pic of her wearing the collar right out of the box.
 The pup will be 10 months next week and weighed 100 pounds at her vet appointment last week. Think (hope) she will top out at 110.
 Thanks again for all your help,

I just had to show you how good your collar looks on my Cane Corso, Angelo!  Thanks!!

Received the two collars today and they are beautiful and fit perfectly.   I will be ordering more to change out on our dogs.    Your quick response to my inquiry was very much appreciated.  This is a wonderful company to do business with!

Cupid is proudly wearing her red collar with silver hearts and the size was perfect! Even though she is a small/medium size dog, her neck is thick and the smaller collar would have been too small. We picked the right one after all and we really like it. 

Thank you very much for all of your concern and help with this purchase, you went above and beyond the normal to make sure cupid got the right size. 

Sincerely, Wendy & Cupid.

While searching for a quality collar for my Standard Poodle, Millicent, I was pleasantly surprised to come across Four Paws Collars. Not only do they have a superior selection, but their customer service is

superb. Ann is a delight to work with and always responds to her customers in a timely manner to answer any questions you might have. I recommend four paws collars with complete confidence.


Gettysburg, Pa.

"Hi, I received the collar today and it's great!  I love it on my Lola!  It was a pleasure doing business with you!  Can I leave a review on your site?"


Thanks again,