Q.  Do you manufacture these products yourself?

A.  No.  In fact, I deal with 10 different suppliers all of whom are in the USA.  Each product has an SKU #.  Each SKU # ends with a letter.  The different letters represent the first letter(s) of the name of the company for the different suppliers.  For instance, there is a -R, -D, dd, -T, -L, -M MI, MC, etc.  Each one is a different supplier.  If you order from different suppliers you will pay more than one shipping charge.


Q.  When I buy a product from one supplier and need to exchange it for a different product if I find a product that I like but realize that it is from a different supplier, can I exchange the first product for the one I like with a different supplier?

A.  The answer is NO.  It has to be exchanged for another product that is from the same supplier.  You wouldn't buy something from Wal-Mart and decide it doesn't fit and take it to K-Mart and ask them for your money back or a store credit, would you?  This is basically the same thing.  You buy it on my website but my website deals with several different suppliers.  Each supplier is a completely and totally different entity from each other.  They have no connection whatsoever except that I sell all their products on my website.


Q.  If I order a product and then receive it and decide that I don't want it (no matter what the reason -- except for a defect in the product) can I just send it back and get a refund?

A.  The answer is NO.  This is stated very clearly in the shipping and return policies.  We do not offer refunds.  Only exchanges.


Q.  Can I return the products without pre-authorization?

A.  No.  You must have a Return Merchandise Authorization number before returning anything to us.  If you have not contacted us and received an RMA number before sending the product back to us it will be returned to you unopened. 


Q.  Are the shipping policies, charges, return policies, and cancellations the same for every product listed on this website?

A.   No.  The Beautiful New CUSTOM MADE Rhinestone Collars, and Fabulous New Designer Products each have their own shipping policies and return policies.  They each also have different shipping charges from each other and from the other products.


Q.  If there is a restocking fee is it the same for every product?

A.  No.  Some of my suppliers do not charge a restocking fee for exchanges.  ONLY FOR RETURNS and CANCELLATIONS (if allowed).  Other suppliers do not take returns (only exchanges) and charge up to 25% for a restocking fee.


Q.  Once I place an order if I change my mind before I receive the product can I cancel the order?

A.  Yes, you can but there will be a 20% restocking fee charged even if the product has been placed on back order.  When we order the product then our suppliers start to work on getting the product for you, even if they have to order it from another supplier.  Once we place the order with one of our suppliers it is then a done deal (as far as our suppliers are concerned).  You can cancel but you will have to pay the 20% restocking fee.


Q.  Are the shipping charges ever refunded for any reason?

A.  NO!  There is only one reason why they might ever be refunded and that is if there is a defect in the product.  These shipping charges are not just for postage.  They are shipping and handling charges and there is a lot more involved with the shipping and handling charges other than just postage charges.  SHIPPING IS NEVER REFUNDED!


Q.    I own a dog grooming shop. Can I sell your products in my place of business?

A.    Some of our customers also own canine-related businesses. It works to their advantage because of the many canine clients they already have. They get the most out of this opportunity by purchasing our products to display.


Q.    DoesFourPawsDogCollars.com offer any product guarantees?

A.    Yes, all FourPawsDogCollars.com products are guaranteed to be among the highest quality pet related merchandise available on the market.  Any defective item will be replaced with an equal, equivalent or more expensive item.  However, it does have to be defective in the truest sense of the word.  You can't just receive it & decide -- I don't like it -- and then return it.  We don't consider an item to be defective just because it is not what you wanted or what you thought it would be.

And, all of the products have size charts or tell you how to determine what size to order. These instructions and size charts are normally very accurate and if you measure incorrectly that is not our responsibility nor should it become our problem.


Q.    How secure and private is your website? 

A.    FourPawsDogCollars.com is committed to protecting the security and privacy of our valued customers.  The site uses secure servers to automatically encrypt all of your personal information.  We use extensive security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of your data once it is in our records. 


Q.   What forms of payment do you accept?

A.    We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover Card, American Express, and PayPal credit cards.


Q.   Do you collect sales tax?

A.    Due to our corporate office being located in Oklahoma, we do collect Oklahoma sales tax on all Oklahoma orders.


Q.    When will my credit card be charged?

A.    Your credit card will be charged within 24 hours of your order being placed. The reason for the card being charged during the order placement is to protect the security of our customer's sensitive information. As we do not store any credit card information, there is no chance of it being lost or stolen. We feel this is the safest approach, however, in the case of back orders, it does cause the card to be charged prior to shipment of the order.


Q.  Do you ship to Post Office boxes?

A.  No. We will only ship to standard addresses.   We cannot accept P.O. Boxes and UPS and FedEx will not deliver to them either.


Q.  How soon after an order is placed should I be expecting to receive it?

A.  It depends on which supplier I have to order it from and the particular product(s) that is ordered.  I would like to say that everything will be shipped within 24 hours but, sometimes that is true -- sometimes it isn't.  If you order something that has an SKU # that ends in -R, since these are custom made collars I always tell people to allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, however, they usually receive these products within 1 to 1-1/2 weeks.  If you order a product(s) that has an SKU # ending in a -M,  -MI, or MC that might take somewhere around 2 weeks for delivery (sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little less).  If the product SKU # ends in a -D it is usually shipped out the next day.  However, once in awhile it takes a short period of time to get their products shipped but not very often.  The products that end in a -DD are usually shipped out within 2 to 3 business days.  And, some of the custom made leather collars can take up to 4 weeks for delivery.   So, as you can see, it just depends on which supplier the products are ordered from.  We always try to keep you advised of what is happening as it is happening and we do try to make sure that the orders are processed in a speedy manner.


Q.  Are all the products on your website sized the same?

A.  No.  Definitely not.  There will either be instructions for how much to add to the actual neck measurement in the description or there will be an actual size chart in the description.  PLEASE LOOK IN THE DESCRIPTION OF EACH INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT TO SEE WHAT SIZE TO ORDER.